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:: JOAN AS A POLICE WOMAN, "Real Life" (2006)

Com a palavra, a própria Joan Wasser:

[1] - "I've called it Punk Rock R&B but American Soul Music is better, I feel like my music is the melding of the two styles I love most - Soul, that whole encompassing Al Green, Nina Simone and Isaac Hayes, and then all the stuff that came from Punk like The Smiths, the Grifters and Siouxsie Sioux..."

[2] - "...rock moved very easily into punk for me. I loved X, the Stooges, the Minutemen. In town there was an all-ages punk rock club, The Anthrax: thank god for this club! It changed my life." Here Joan witnessed the likes of Sonic Youth, Black Flag and Bad Brains, "who all blew my mind".

[3] - "Because I don't have to deal with basic everyday survival, like killing for food and not freezing to death my music is about [laughs] love and loss. Beyond that, it's about finding a way to be truthful with myself, after a really long time running away from myself. From becoming an adult, facing fears without fear, or with fear but being fine with it. To trust yourself enough to admit how you're feeling, which takes a lot of patience. This record is about learning to be real. Real clear."

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"Joan as Police Woman, like Blondie, is a band-- also featuring the sterling Ben Perowsky and Rainy Orteca-- but, as with the inspirational Angie Dickinson, it's essentially a one-woman show. Wasser has a distinguished résumé: a teenage punk and Mahler freak, she trained as a classical musician, played Hendrixian five-string violin in early 90s Bostonians The Dambuilders, and has performed and arranged in both Antony's Johnsons and Rufus Wainwright's band.

Wasser was also Jeff Buckley's partner from 1994 up to his death, and though it's undoubtedly creepy to speculate about someone's private grief, this loss feels key to her subsequent development. Although she'd contributed to songs in the Dambuilders, it was only really in the wake of Buckley's death-- first performing alongside his band as Black Beetle, then on her own-- that she purposefully began songwriting.

You wouldn't have to know the biography to detect connections. This isn't to imply some simplistic one-way influence, but rather to suggest a more mysterious musical affinity. (...)Emerging from grief, stepping into the light, Real Life feels like a wonderfully fresh start."


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