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:: padoca depredas... nova fornada! ::

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JIMI HENDRIX, "Valleys Of Neptune" [133 MB]: DOWN

After 40 years, a number of ill-conceived posthumous albums, and countless bootlegs, one would almost have to be skeptical of a new album billed as "12 previously unreleased studio recordings -- almost 60 minutes of unheard Jimi Hendrix!" The good news is that Valleys of Neptune largely delivers on that promise. Even hardcore collectors will likely be surprised at how much of this album they haven't heard. But much of this material has been available before in some form, official and otherwise. (...) While it doesn't rise to the level of his other studio albums, Valleys of Neptune is a welcome catalog addition from a tremendous talent who died too young. --- AMG

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Like Syd Barrett, a common point of reference, Roky Erickson rose to cult-hero status as much for his music as for his tragic personal life; in light of his legendary bouts with madness and mythic drug abuse, the influence exerted by his garage-bred psychedelia was often lost in the shuffle. (...) In 1965, he penned his most famous composition, "You're Gonna Miss Me," (...) [famous with] the psychedelia-influenced 13th Floor Elevators. (...) [Years later] Erickson was diagnosed as a schizophrenic, and subjected to extensive electroshock therapy, Thorazine, and other psychoactive treatments. Though released from the hospital in 1973, Erickson was never the same person... (...) The Will Sheff-produced True Love Cast Out All Evil, Erickson’s first new studio album in some 14 years, appeared from Anti in 2010. --- AMG

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JAKOB DYLAN, "Women + Country" [48 MB]: DOWN

Being the son of one of the most influential, innovative, eccentric, and unique songwriters in the history of Western pop music probably opened some doors for Jakob Dylan, but being Bob Dylan's son was just as likely a heavy load to carry as well, and the younger Dylan handled the pressure with relative élan. (...) While the media naturally played up Dylan's connection to his father, the Wallflowers possessed their own sound, and Jakob's similarities to his dad -- as both a singer and a songwriter -- were only occasional at best. (...) Dylan signed a solo contract in 2006 with Columbia Records, his dad's longtime label, and issued the acoustic-based Seeing Things -- recorded by Rick Rubin at the producer's Hollywood Hills studio -- under his own name in 2008. Although the move seemingly left the status of the Wallflowers up in the air, the band reconvened one year later to tour in support of a greatest-hits album. It wasn't long before Dylan turned back to his solo career, though, and he released the sophomore effort Women and Country in 2010. --- AMG

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LAURA MARLING , "I Speak Because I Can" [43 MB]: DOWN

Singer/songwriter Laura Marling was only 16 years old when she emerged on the British indie scene in 2007 thanks to a handful of infectious singles made available on her MySpace profile. Endowed with a husky voice, an acoustic guitar, and a gift for building quirky, hooky folk songs (characteristics that would have the artist compared favorably to artists like Lily Allen, Regina Spektor, and Martha Wainwright), Marling quickly made a name for herself throughout England thanks to a heavy touring schedule and a few high-profile gigs, not the least of which included an appearance at the 2006 City Showcase: Spotlight London and as the opening act for Jamie T. Although she was still without a label one year later, her debut EP, My Manic and I, was slated for independent release in the late fall of 2007. This status didn't last for long, however, because in early 2008, signed to Virgin, Marling issued Alas I Cannot Swim, which also came as part of a multimedia Songbox package. In 2010 Marling released her sophomore album, I Speak Because I Can, which debuted at number three on the U.K. albums chart. --- AMG

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GORILLAZ , "Plastic Beach" [72 MB]: DOWN

Conceived as the first "virtual hip-hop group," Gorillaz blended the musical talents of Dan "The Automator" Nakamura, Blur's Damon Albarn, Cibo Matto's Miho Hatori, and Tom Tom Club's Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz with the arresting visuals of Jamie Hewlett, best known as the creator of the cult comic Tank Girl. (...) A self-titled, full-length debut album arrived in spring 2001. Gorillaz was a massive worldwide success and achieved platinum-level sales in the U.S.; worldwide, it sold over seven million copies. (...) Plastic Beach marked the band's third studio effort. --- AMG

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MGMT, "Congratulations" [79 MB]: DOWN

Finding an unlikely middle point between Suicide's hostile, proto-electro punk art noise and the sardonic, studied, but ultimately pop-friendly sound of the Flaming Lips, MGMT started as electroclash musical terrorists but quickly transmogrified into an eclectic, brainy pop group with psychedelic overtones. (...) A traditional CD release followed in January 2008, and Oracular Spectacular ultimately enjoyed both critically approval and commercially success, with the album selling over 500,000 copies in the U.S. and going platinum in Australia, the U.K., and Ireland.(...) In 2009, MGMT began working with producer Sonic Boom on their second album, Congratulations, which was released in the spring of 2010. --- AMG

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Pesky comparisons to Bob Dylan have dogged Kristian Matsson throughout his short career as the Tallest Man on Earth. In 2006, his self-titled EP introduced a singer with that familiar croak, a songwriter with a folk-revival revival sensibility, and a guitar player with an impressively agile fingerpicking style. The next year, his full-length debut, Shallow Grave, expanded nicely on those ideas, buffing away some of the rougher edges but emphasizing fully realized and beautifully evocative songs. The Wild Hunt, the second Tallest Man on Earth album and first for Dead Oceans, makes a few specific nods to Dylan at his most earnest and bare-- including a reference to "boots of Spanish leather" on "King of Spain". Ultimately, though, Matsson interprets Dylan, just as Dylan himself interpreted Guthrie. (...) Matsson is both a romantic and a realist, and on The Wild Hunt, he uses the barest of pop-folk settings to give mundane moments-- another break-up, another tour, another change of season, another Dylan comparison-- a grandeur so disproportional that it's difficult not to identify and sympathize with him. --- PITCHFORK

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Belas capas, nem todos trabalhos eu conheço.

Parabéns pelo blog, te sigo!