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<<< Rockin' Bones: Box (4 CDs) de Rockabilly e "Punk" dos 50's >>>

Rockin' Bones ("Ossos Que Rockeiam") é uma coleta firmezura da Rhino que reúne em 4 CDs 101 pérolas dos primórdios do rock and roll, em especial em suas versões mais selvagens e toscas. Uma viagem retrô por uma era de grandes topetes e motocicletas, marcada pela pélvis de Elvis e pela "Juventude Transviada" que se espelhava em James Dean. É esta a música que os Beatles e o Bob Dylan cresceram ouvindo e que os Cramps passaram a carreira inteira a venerar e reviver. Rock your bones!

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"Listening to the 101 tracks on "Rockin' Bones" it's easy to see why
rockabilly continues to attract a lively cult following."

(Los Angeles Times)

"Elvis Presley's arrival in the mid-1950s left the pop music world all shook up. His explosive mixture of country music and rhythm & blues—later dubbed rockabilly—inspired imitators in virtually every state of the union. The legion of musicians who cranked up the beat, turned up the twang, set the echo to 11 and got real, real gone is saluted on Rhino's Rockin' Bones: '50s Punk & Rockabilly. the four-CD set documents some of most "action-packed" rock ever unleashed upon the listening public.

A celebration of sex, rebels, and rock 'n' roll, Rockin' Bones gathers 101 rockabilly rave-ups released by record labels both big and small from 1954 to 1969 by long gone daddies and wild, wild women. For the uninitiated, the collection serves as the perfect rockabilly primer, with quintessential cuts from such artists as Presley, Eddie Cochran, Jerry Lee Lewis, Wanda Jackson, Buddy Holly, Carl Perkins and Gene Vincent. The box also highlights many lesser-known favorites (35 tracks make their U.S. CD debut here) with the likes of Charlie Feathers, Ronnie Dawson, Hazil Adkins, Janis Martin, Joe Clay, and Johnny Carroll tearing it up."

(Rhino Records, 2006, 4 CDs, 101 músicas)

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