sábado, 13 de novembro de 2010

<<< Do It Together! >>>

O "do-it-yourself" está ficando dêmodê. A nova onda é o "do-it-together". Pelo menos é esta a tendência cada vez mais afirmada e propagada e que promete nortear grande parte dos debates da UnConvention, que acontece pela primeira vez no Brasil em Novembro: dia 17 em Goiânia e dia 24 em São Paulo. Do site oficial, re-posto este "manifesto" bacana:

"We believe that musicians, labels, artists, designers, photographers, illustrators etc. will achieve greater results collaborating on projects together than trying to achieve the same things on their own.

Un-Convention encourages and facilitates the meeting of creative minds. We suggest that a talented musician can find common creative ground with similar people from other disciplines. From these collaborations artists can find a new visual, audio or physical vocabulary. The joining together of people from different creative disciplines allows a wider understanding and appreciation of each participants’ work. It also allows people to observe and present a different perspective.

Many artists struggle to develop alliances. They may not have a network to plug into. They may be from different socio-economic backgrounds, different genres or increasingly even from different countries. Core to the Un-Convention manifesto is that great things happen when people are drawn together.

We believe that each creative discipline can inform the next.

It is these collaborations - especially those that seem the least likely to work that generate remarkable results. It is about trusting others with your vision and helping share theirs.

Do It Together is at the heart of everything..."

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