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:: o melhor disco grunge q ninguém nunca ouviu falar ::

COME - "Eleven: Eleven" (1991)

Com a palavra, a Rolling Stone gringa: "Thalia Zedek, the singer-song-writer-guitarist whose edge-city emotional intensity is Come's driving force, fronted Live Skull in the late Eighties and before that the innovative Boston underground bands Uzi and Dangerous Birds. Her songs are personal, sometimes despairing, often pissed off, invariably gripping. And she brings off the rare feat of "singing the blues" entirely in her own voice, without noticeably copying the licks or mannerisms of others. There's a bedrock integrity to her work and a kind of nervy, embattled grace that can be like manna from heaven for listeners more interested in connecting with real passion than in current indie rock's fixation with career moves and stylistic surfaces. (...) It achieves escape velocity with a concentrated blast of guitar power, tunecraft and sheer guts. This is a disc you won't soon forget." LEIA MAIS!

01 Submerge (4:24)
02 Dead Molly (4:08)
03 Brand New Vein (6:13)
04 Off to One Side (5:47)
05 Bell (3:25)
06 William (4:34)
07 Sad Eyes (4:03)
08 Power Failure (5:44)
09 Orbit (5:04)
10 Fast Piss Blues (3:57)
11 I Got the Blues (5:04)

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