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SCREAMING TREES, "Dust" (1996)

Diz a Rolling Stone: "It's taken them more than a decade and seven albums, but Screaming Trees have finally made the record they've always had in them. In the past, saddled with low-budget production and a looser grasp of rock's primal rhythm, the Trees seemed doomed to remain a second-string band. It was singer Mark Lanegan's first solo project, The Winding Sheet (1990), that suggested they were capable of more. Lanegan's voice, a warm, pure baritone, delivered the blues with the skill of an old master, avoiding hysteria for the dignified grace of a man who was down but not out. (...) MTV-era attention spans being what they are, the four-year gap between Screaming Trees releases ensures that Dust has a lot riding on it. In 10 solid psychedelic doses, the album carefully masters the balance between the Trees' punk-garage roots and their more complex lysergic visions. The songwriting formula is a good one: open delicately and work toward a climax. (...) Previously, you needed a good imagination to see where Screaming Trees were attempting to take their music. With Dust, they finally get there. " LEIA MAIS!

1 - Halo of Ashes (4:05)
2 - All I Know (3:55)
3 - Look at Me (4:42)
4 - Dying Days (4:51)
5 - Make My Mind (4:11)
6 - Sworn and Broken (3:34)
7 - Witness (3:39)
8 - Traveler (5:22)
9 - Dime Western (3:39)
10 - Gospel Plow (6:17)

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