segunda-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2014

Grandes álbuns de 2014 - 1ª Edição - TEMPLES, "Sun Structures"


TEMPLES - Sun Structures (2014) Download:
Psychedelic Rock / UK MP3 - 320 kbps 00:52:55
"After a steady build up of stateside buzz and support, Kettering, England’s favorite psychedelic sons Temples are announcing their debut full-length, Sun Structures, out February 11th on Fat Possum. It's a record that's destined to set out the band's stall as Britain's premier retro-futurists, with influences ranging from '60s psychedelia to Motown, glam, and Krautrock, all viewed through a very modern kaleidoscope – and always keeping the song at the heart of it all. Recorded in the box-room of guitarist/vocalist James Bagshaw’s home, the aim was “Jack Nitzsche on a DIY budget,” and with one listen to first single off the record, “Mesmerize,” it’s pretty clear that they’ve succeeded." - Read the whole bio at Fat Possum
Tracklist: 01 - Shelter Song [00:03:10] 02 - Sun Structures [00:05:13] 03 - The Golden Throne [00:04:10] 04 - Keep In The Dark [00:04:36] 05 - Mesmerise [00:03:42] 06 - Move With The Season [00:05:10] 07 - Colours To Life [00:05:11] 08 - A Question Isn't Answered [00:05:11] 09 - The Guesser [00:04:06] 10 - Test Of Time [00:03:53] 11 - Sand Dance [00:06:31] 12 - Fragment's Light [00:01:57].

Toronto Now: "It would be easy to write off Temples as retro-loving hippies who likely don’t own any records released later than 1969. Their recent singles teem with kaleidoscopic psychedelia and Beatles harmonies, and their November set at the Horseshoe was too brief to show much well-roundedness. Their velvet blazers, turtlenecks and wild hair, meanwhile, only added to the throwback vibe. What a surprise, then, that not only does the Kettering, England, four-piece’s debut album give us close to an hour of music, but, like Tame Impala records, it delivers retro influences through an overwhelmingly modern filter. Temples have been called “production-obsessed,” and their attention to detail comes through in the dense but sensitive layers of cosmic effects, groovy rhythms and oh-so-hooky melodies. The songwriting is outstanding: striking and smart, concise and full, and James Bagshaw sings superbly throughout. The Golden Throne sounds a bit like caper film music. The bong-worthy A Question Isn’t Answered and Sand Dance bring in Eastern influences, while Keep In The Dark is buoyant psychedelic pop."