quarta-feira, 11 de junho de 2014

Street Art & Graffiti collection: Brazil's streets FUCK OFF to FIFA

Brazilians streets screaming out their discontent!

Suggested reading:

“Throw FIFA Out of the Game”,
 The New York Times article by Dave Zirin,
author of “Brazil’s Dance With The Devil”
"Most people associate FIFA, the organization that oversees international soccer, with the quadrennial joy of the World Cup. But as the 2014 tournament begins next week in Brazil, FIFA is plagued by levels of corruption, graft and excess that would shame Silvio Berlusconi. (…) In Brazil, site of the 2014 World Cup, the FIFA-driven push to build new stadiums at a breakneck pace has led to the deaths of nine construction workers. FIFA’s demands for security and infrastructure may end up displacing as many as 250,000 poor people, who live in the favelas surrounding Brazil’s urban centers. The cost of the games continues to tick upward, the latest figures climbing as high as $15 billion. (…) Finally, the world is seeing FIFA for what it is: a stateless conglomerate that takes bribes while acting as a battering ram for world leaders who want to use the majesty of the World Cup to push through their development agendas at great human cost.” - David Zirin


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